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Why Permanent Jewelry?

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry typically consists of chain-based pieces (usually in the form of a bracelet, anklet, rings, or necklace) that does not have a traditional clasp, so it cannot be easily removed. Instead, the ends of the jewelry are welded while you're wearing them, creating an infinity look.

Why Permanent Jewelry is a trend

  • Why permanent jewelry is a trending phenomenon - It's simple. This isn't just jewelry; it's a custom-fitted, carefree expression of style.
  • Each piece is custom-fitted, ensuring a perfect size for every individual.  Plus, choosing a particular chain or charm ensures each piece reflects the wearer’s unique style.
  • And once it’s on, it stays on—perfectly positioned. Unlike traditional bracelets or necklaces, permanent jewelry doesn’t spin or twist. It’s designed to be a seamless part of everyday life.
  • We’ve all battled with clasps, toggles, and hooks. With permanent jewelry, those days are over. There’s no fumbling, no frustration. It’s a hassle-free experience, especially for those with long nails.  No need to struggle with clasps - permanent jewelry simplifies accessorizing.
  • From the fashion-forward teen to the busy professional to the style-savvy senior, permanent jewelry crosses generations and styles. It's a versatile, ageless trend.

Why add Permanent Jewelry to your business?

  • Earn $200K+ annual revenue as a solo artist, and $500K+ annual revenue for a busy studio. Boost your revenue with a permanent jewelry business extension, offering a way to work without the hustle or a major time commitment.
  • We provide the opportunity for you and your team to attain certifications in as little as one day through a self-paced online course.
  • Permanent jewelry is profitable from day 1, with an average of 5X ROI through permanent jewelry sales.
  • Recoup your initial business investment in your first weekend.

Benefits of a permanent jewelry business

  • Transform your business into a destination that extends beyond its core services by introducing the popular concept of permanent jewelry.
  • Today’s consumers are on the lookout for unique activities they can share with friends and loved ones. Permanent jewelry offers just that—a chance for groups, from bachelorette parties, to mother-daughter duos, to best friends, to create lasting memories together.
  • Adding permanent jewelry to your offerings attracts entire groups, sparking greater interest in all your services. Imagine every jewelry session serving as not only a profitable sale in itself, but also as an introduction to all of your location’s products and services.
  • And the best part? This is a hassle-free addition to your business. Permanent jewelry requires minimal setup and maintenance, allowing you to boost your revenue without the usual overheads. It's convenient and profitable.
  • Permanent jewelry also encourages repeat business. Once your clients feel the special touch of a personalized, permanent piece, they’ll be back for more. Each visit not only strengthens their loyalty but also increases their engagement with your other services.
  • Permanent jewelry is an effective way to diversify your services and boost revenue. For example, a customer might come in for a pedicure and leave with a new permanent anklet or nail appointment and adding a stack of rings. This approach enhances their experience while expanding your business potential in one seamless step.
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