Nina Wynn Pro-Shop for certified, professional, & authorized retailers

You want to increase your revenue and grow your foot traffic, but you’re:

  • Unsure where to start in adding to your business
  • Unable to add more staff or square footage to your space
  • Afraid to invest in a non-viable business extension 
  • Lacking funds or business credit for a pricey franchise
  • Limited on time to research and develop new services

With Nina Wynn, you can step into a turnkey shop-in-shop solution.


It’s your chance to grow your services and revenue through a unique business concept, specifically tailored for the growing permanent jewelry market.

Introducing our Turnkey,
Permanent Jewelry
Shop-in-Shop Solution

Elevate your retail experience within the limits of your existing space and staff with Nina Wynn.

A repeatable, scalable business without a big investment or time commitment.

No need to waste time researching your next steps to business growth, or spending precious weekends setting up new services to grow your existing business.

Our turnkey solution not only enhances your store's appeal but also drives higher sales through a proven system backed by years of industry success. 

Contact us to discover how you can quickly and easily add high-margin, adjacent products and services to your business through a partnership with Nina Wynn.

Why Nina Wynn?

  • Comprehensive Solution: You receive a turnkey, plug-and-play solution.  Get everything you need to set up shop, merchandise, train your staff, and launch.
  • Over Two Decades of Experience: Leverage our 20-year legacy of craftsmanship and market presence to enhance your store’s credibility and attract a discerning clientele.
  • Expert Merchandising Insights: Get access to our deep understanding of customer preferences and proven bestsellers, ensuring your offerings always hit the mark.
  • Superior Quality Assurance: Avoid the pitfalls of welding inferior quality chains and charms. Our quality control provides your customers with premium pieces.
  • Data-Driven Inventory Optimization: Use our extensive data analytics to maintain optimal stock levels, ensuring you meet customer demand without excess inventory.
  • Seamless Point of Sale (POS) Integration: Our optional POS system saves you time and money with smooth operating features an, automated reordering.
  • Enhanced Marketing Support: Opt into a next-level marketing package to significantly increase foot traffic, and capture local clientele actively searching for your offerings.
  • Comprehensive Staff Training: The Nina Wynn Academy provides comprehensive training for you and your staff at launch, and as you grow, empowering you to scale.
  • Luxurious Store Aesthetics: Stunning displays and glass showcases that embody the Nina Wynn brand create a luxurious and captivating environment for your customers.
  • Unparalleled Support: In-person and virtual setup mentoring, months of personalized success meetings, monthly partnership calls, and ongoing training ensure your success.

Easily add $500K in annual revenue to your existing business.

  1. Comprehensive Training: Start your journey with in-depth training, available both online and in-person at our headquarters in Denver. This ensures that whether you are new to the industry or looking to train new staff, everyone is proficient and confident in offering our services. Continuous educational resources are available to keep your skills sharp as your business grows.
  2. Equipment and Setup Delivery: Everything you need to launch your permanent jewelry offerings will be directly delivered to your location. This includes state-of-the-art welding equipment, essential tools, and our exclusive jewelry inventory. Additionally, we provide elegant display cases and furniture, such as high-end steel and glass showcases with LED backdrops, to enhance the visual appeal of your space and distinguish your branded area within the shop.
  3. POS System and Merchandising Tools: We set up a tailored Point of Sale (POS) system that integrates seamlessly with your operations, simplifying transactions and inventory management. Alongside, you receive a full suite of merchandising resources to help you effectively display and promote the jewelry, creating an enticing shopping experience for customers.
  4. Branding and In-Store Visuals: Your shop will feature distinctive branding visuals that align with our esteemed image, ensuring consistency across all locations. This includes sophisticated in-store branding elements that reinforce the luxury and quality of our brand.
  5. Marketing and Promotional Support: To jumpstart your venture, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive array of marketing materials and templates, from social media setups to SEO strategies. These tools are designed to promote your services effectively from day one. Additionally, we offer an optional marketing add-on service to enhance your visibility and drive significant traffic through SEO and various social channels, positioning your business prominently in a competitive market.
  6. Regular Coordination and Support: We schedule monthly Zoom meetings to ensure ongoing support and to address any challenges you may face. These sessions are crucial for troubleshooting, learning new marketing tactics, and ensuring that your business is aligned with our brand standards.
  7. Google Business Listing Setup: We assist you in setting up your Google Business listing, optimizing your shop’s online presence and making it easier for customers to find and choose your services.
  8. Potential Revenue Increase: By integrating our shop-in-shop solution, you can significantly boost your existing business’s annual revenue—potentially adding an additional $500K.

Each of these steps is designed to ensure that your transition into the permanent jewelry market is as smooth and profitable as possible, leveraging our proven expertise and ongoing support to create a standout offering in your retail environment.

Nina Nguyen Iles

Nina Nguyen Iles, a distinguished jewelry designer and the founder of Nina Wynn, has a professional journey spanning over 20 years, Mastering the nuances of jewelry design and commercialization, she brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to building a jewelry and beauty business. Your shop-in-shop benefits from her comprehensive guidance on various aspects including merchandising, pricing strategies, and the intricacies of selling gemstone jewelry. With Nina's extensive background and proven track record, partners can expect to receive personalized guidance, invaluable advice, and advanced skills, empowering them to excel in the world of permanent jewelry.

Matthew Iles

Matthew has welded permanent jewelry on thousands of clients, adding a hundred more each week. With a journey spanning over 15 years in the jewelry business, he’s a hands-on craftsman and educator. His experience is brought to you through his thoughtful education as well as the refinement of the supplies we offer our wholesale buyers.  Collaborating with Matthew is a blend of technique and artistry.  He views your success as his success. 

We’re here to help you grow your business through adjacent business lines.

We’ve helped hundreds of beauty providers, studio owners, and retail professionals successfully add profitable services and products to their current business, with minimum investment and time commitment.

Easily add $500K in annual revenue to your existing business.

Begin with comprehensive training—both in-person and online. Whether you're just starting out or training new hires, our expert-led sessions ensure you and your team are prepared and confident, right from day one. And with ongoing training resources, your skills will grow as your business does.

Everything you need is ordered and delivered - including display cases, tools, welding equipment, and jewelry inventory. Plus, with our comprehensive suite of branding tools, POS system, and merchandising resources, your permanent jewelry business isn’t just functional—it’s beautifully and professionally branded.

You're covered with our extensive marketing support. From marketing materials and templates to social media and SEO strategies, you receive tools and resources to promote your permanent jewelry services immediately.  Plus, we offer a marketing add-on service to amplify traffic from SEO and social channels to help your business stand out in a crowded market.

You might think it costs a lot of money to invest in a franchise or business.

However, permanent jewelry is one of the least expensive paths to expand through a beauty-adjacent business, and the moderate cost to get started can be quickly recouped with positive cash flow within 1-2 months!  Plus, we offer an option to finance the minimal up-front cost.

You could be afraid that it’ll take a lot of time to learn everything you need to know, acquire the right resources to get started, and market an adjacent business.

With our shop-in-shop approach, you are provided all the displays, equipment, merchandising, training, and marketing support you need to launch your adjacent business, with little added time.

You may fear that once you attach permanent jewelry to a customer, it’s a one and done sale.

However, permanent jewelry is not only addictive and upgradable, it also draws in groups.  Whether providing permanent jewelry parties for special occasions, welding more chains to a past customer, upselling jeweled charms, or upgrading to a 14K gold piece, there are opportunities to draw in crowds and work with existing customers again and again.  Plus, past customers often become your best word-of-mouth referrals, bringing their friends and family to you for their own permanent jewelry experience!

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